How to Use Creative Techniques to Enhance Your Basketball Training Experience: A Guide for Players, Coaches, and Fans

How To Improve Basketball Skills: Top 6 Quick Tips

If you are planning to play basketball as a hobby then you have landed on the right page.

We have created this post with the purpose of bringing some great ways of playing the game with proper technique.

By reading this article you will learn how to improve your skills and you will get an opportunity to experience the fun part of playing the game. Let’s get started!

1. Workout for 6 – 8 weeks

First and foremost, you need to work out for 6 to 8 weeks in order to build strength and power. You will require a dedicated gym for this purpose. You will have to lift weights to improve your performance in games.


Best Practice of Standing Properly

It is very important for us to stand up in a proper way because there are so many benefits of standing in the right position. Let me share the best practice of standing properly with you all.

The posture is the most important thing for the body, and when it is not correct you can get so many health problems. Most of the people just try to avoid the pain when the spine and knees get damaged due to wrong posture.

There is a best practice of standing that you must follow in order to get the correct posture and also get the minimum damages to your body. I am sharing with you all about this best practice of standing properly.

Take an example of the person who is sitting normally and also take an example of the person who is taking the bus. Now, can you tell which one of them has a good posture and which one is not?

If you will compare both of them then you will see that the person who is sitting will have a bad posture and the other one is the right one. He is standing correctly and his back is straight.

It is obvious that the bus will come for the first person and will stop for the second one. This is the reason that the second one is taking the bus in a proper way.

If you will keep standing for a long time then you will feel pain and get damaged in your knees and spine.

So, what is the best practice of standing properly?

Best practice of standing properly:

Take an example of a car driver. The car will come for the person who is standing correctly and will stop for the one who is not. You cannot ignore the fact that the car will drive on the road where the second person is standing and if you will go in the traffic then your life will become a nightmare.

Here are some steps that you should follow in order to maintain your body in a perfect condition.

Sit in a chair or in a cross legged position. If you are using a chair then just make sure that the leg of the chair should be on the floor.

Keep your shoulders, neck, and head in the same level.

Keep your back straight and make sure that your knee shouldn’t touch your chest.

Make sure that your feet are aligned straight.

Hold the bar with both the hands.

Put your elbows close to your body.

If you will follow these steps in the proper manner then you will get perfect posture. It will make your spine strong and your body in a perfect shape.


Hope you liked the post, I know it is a bit long, but I have shared some tips with you to help you in maintaining your body in a perfect condition. I think you all will benefit from the post.

This blog is for all the people who are interested in healthy living, beauty tips, weight loss, fitness and a lot more. All these things are provided by our team of experts.

Hello everyone! This is Neha. I am a Blogger, Teacher, Nutritionist, and a Health & Beauty Enthusiast. I share my health and beauty tips and tricks along with makeup tutorials on this platform.

So, here I am going to share a wonderful and an amazing way to stay fit and healthy.

I think you are all aware about the fact that we need to drink water to stay healthy, but most of the people are unaware about the fact that we should also drink the water from the source.

Drinking water from the source means that the water is free from all the pollutants that can harm your body. You will get pure water and that is the most important thing that you need to remember while drinking water.

 When it comes to the practice of standing properly, there are lots of people who can’t hold the right posture. They can’t hold themselves straight and look good even in front of their friends and family members. This is one of the problems that they are facing on a regular basis.

Here is one of the tips that can help you to practice standing properly.

Hold your head high

If you are going to hold your head low than there is no way that you will look nice and beautiful. It is necessary to hold your head high as this will make you look young and handsome.

Hold your shoulders back

If you want to appear smart and attractive, then you must hold your shoulders back. There is a difference between your back and shoulder. The shoulder is the joint in which the upper arm and the collarbone join together. And your back is the area where your shoulder blades are located. If you want to stand straight, then you need to keep your shoulders back.

Try to bend your knees

Bending your knees is the first and basic step that you need to follow to practice proper stance. By bending your knees, you can easily balance yourself and stand straight.

Try to lift your hips

If you are doing this action, then you will look smart and beautiful. Your hips should be lifted as much as you can. If you cannot do this action, then try to lift your toes. This will make you look more attractive and handsome.

Take your time

In case you are doing any of these activities then you don’t need to hurry up. You need to be in a comfortable position and you can try this as much as you can.

Practice regularly

It is true that this is the most important and fundamental point, but you can still ignore it. The main idea of this tip is that you can’t work only one time to become better in this particular area. So, you need to practice this technique as much as possible.


I hope you liked this post and you can practice all the things that we have talked about in this post. Practice will make you perfect in any particular field.


You need to practice the correct stance for basketball. If you are not aware of the perfect stance, then don’t worry as you can do it on your own and check the video for guidance. You need to get your toes pointed forward and the back of your heel should be on the floor. You should put your weight on the balls of your feet.

3. Get Grip Strength

The first thing you should do is to get grip strength. For this, you will have to use dumbbells. You can hold the dumbbells at chest height and keep your elbows close to your body. Hold it for a couple of seconds and repeat this for two to three times. You can even get some assistance from your coach for this.

4. Improve Jumping Skills

You will have to increase your jumping power for your performance in the court. You can use the basketball hoop for this. Get on top of the hoop and jump off to dunk. If you don’t get enough power from your legs, then you can also do some exercises from the bench.

5. Increase Shooting Accuracy

If you want to get the hang of shooting, then you will have to practice the form of the shot. Practice by doing some drills for a couple of months. You can use the basketball target to get the hang of the form of the shot.

6. Perfect Your Passing

You will have to get the perfect passing and dribbling skills. Practice will help you to get the right position to pass. You can use the basketball goal to practice your passing skills.


I hope you liked this post on “How To Improve Basketball Skills: Top 6 Quick Tips”. I have provided some useful information about the basic tips of basketball.

We have also shared with you the different drills that you can perform for developing your skills. Now you are ready to compete with the best players in your school or city.

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